Chapter 1

Liu Yu

Chu State,

  Yuan Yangzong.

  Yuanyang Sect is one of the five sects of immortality in the state of Chu.

  It has been eight thousand years since its inception.

  In the past dynasties, there were monks in the Nascent Soul period who were in charge, and they were an out-and-out behemoth, which attracted countless scattered cultivators and families.

  The sect is located in the Hengduan Mountains, extending to a branch of Qingzhou, and there are hundreds of large and small Lingshan.

  The outer door, the first-order Lingshan Cyanwood Peak.

  On the mountainside, there is an ordinary cave mansion. Inside the cave mansion, the furnishings are extremely simple.

  There is only a table and chairs, and an old stone bed.

  Liu Yu sat cross-legged in the center of the stone bed, his expression was peaceful without sadness or joy, and the blue spirit on his face was uncertain.

  He held the magic spell with both hands, his chest rose and fell slowly, and he used the “Wood Spirit Art” to absorb the spiritual energy in the refining world.


  After a long time, Liu Yu spit out a heavy sigh of turbid air and slowly closed the power.

  ”Not bad.”

  A smile appeared on his face as he felt a little bit of refinement.

  The cultivation base at this time is not far from the fifth floor of the Qi Refining Stage!

  This is a world of immortals. Only people with spiritual roots can refine the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and embark on the path of immortality, possessing all kinds of incredible magical powers!
  It is not impossible to cultivate to an advanced realm, to live forever, to burn mountains and boil seas.

  And mortals without spiritual roots cannot sense the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, let alone refining.

  It is destined to be turned into a handful of loess after a hundred years and sprinkled into the unknown depths of darkness!
  However, most mortals, from birth to death, have no access to the world of immortals.

  Talking about it after dinner is just a legend.

  In this world, there are only a very few people with spiritual roots, and often there is only one person with spiritual roots among thousands of mortals.

  And if one of the parents is a cultivator, the chances of the offspring having spiritual roots will be greatly improved!

  Therefore, even if a cultivator wants to reproduce offspring, the first choice is another cultivator.

  In the long run, with the blood relationship as the link, the
  spiritual roots of large and small cultivating families can generally be divided into five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

  The spiritual roots of most immortals are composed of one or more of the five attributes.

  Under normal circumstances, the fewer types of spiritual root attributes, the purer the spiritual root.

  The easier it is to sense the corresponding heaven and earth spiritual energy, the faster the absorption and refining speed will be.

  Mixed spiritual roots with four or five attributes are extremely slow in refining spiritual energy, and are called mixed spiritual roots or pseudo-spiritual roots, which belong to the category with the worst aptitude.

  Spiritual roots with three or two attributes have greatly improved their cultivation speed compared to pseudo-spiritual roots, so they are called “true spiritual roots”.

  As for the “single spiritual root” of a single attribute, it can easily sense the spiritual energy of the world and refine it, and the cultivation speed is the fastest.

  Therefore, it is also called “Tianlinggen”, which means the favored son of heaven!

  In addition to the Five Elements Spiritual Roots, there are also Variation Spiritual Roots.

  Special spiritual roots such as ice, wind, and thunder have various advantages in cultivation, but they are still inferior to those of the heavenly spiritual roots.

  Liu Yu is lucky to have spiritual roots, and neither luck is bad nor bad.

  He is a “true spiritual root” monk with three attributes of wood, fire and earth.

  But because of the general affinity of spiritual energy, in the Yuanyang Sect of Nuoda, it can only be regarded as mediocre.

  There are many people who are better than his spiritual roots.

  Liu Yu was originally on the Water Blue Star, an ordinary office worker, who usually likes all kinds of rare objects.

  One day, while playing with an ancestral jade pendant, the jade pendant suddenly shone with green brilliance.

  In a burst of dazzling brilliance, he lost consciousness.

  After a period of darkness, he regained consciousness again. He was already a six or seven year old beggar in this world who had no father or mother.

  It was discovered by the monks in the foundation-building period of Yuanyang Sect, and when he saw that he had spiritual roots, he took him back to the sect and sent him to Yuanyang for training.

  Yuanyang Courtyard is the place where Yuanyang Sect trains new disciples, and is responsible for teaching children who have just entered the fairyland.

  In other courtyards, there will be teachers who will teach children to read and read, as well as some basic knowledge of immortality.

  When the disciples of the other courtyard are twelve years old and the meridians in the body have basically grown, they will teach the basic cultivation techniques.

  If one had reached the third level of Qi Refining before the age of sixteen, because of the special nature of Yuanyang Courtyard, they would be able to directly enter the outer door.

  As for the children whose cultivation level is less than the third level of Qi Refining, the end will be miserable.

  They will be demoted to chores and serve the Yuanyang sect for life in return for the resources invested by the sect.

  With Liu Yu’s three spiritual roots, it would of course not be too difficult to cultivate to the third level of Qi Refining in the four years before the age of twelve to sixteen.

  After all, the first three levels of the Qi refining period require the least amount of cultivation and mana, and are the easiest to achieve.

  So it was a matter of course, Liu Yu became an inconspicuous outer disciple of Yuanyang Sect, and it has been two years since then.



  every time Liu Yu cultivated, he could sense that between his eyebrows, three inches into the interior, there was a green light spot, quietly hanging above the Niwan Palace.

  Like a green moon, it illuminates this eternal dark place.

  The light spot is oval in shape, the size of a sesame seed, and emits a faint glow.

  Although these rays of light were weak and insignificant, they also resolutely dispelled a small patch of darkness.

  It brings a trace of light to the mysterious place where the soul lives.

  But Emerald Light stayed silently in the Niwan Palace, no matter how Liu Yu tried, there was no response.

  The Niwan Palace is the residence of the soul, the core of the brain, the core of the core, and he dare not act rashly.

  If this acupoint is damaged, the soul will be damaged at light, and the soul will fall directly at the worst. It is not impossible.

  As for the origin of the green light spot, Liu Yu vaguely speculated that it may be related to the green jade pendant in the previous life.

  He did not dare to mention the abnormality during his own cultivation to outsiders.

  It is about the past and present, this is his biggest secret!

  Liu Yu made up his mind that even the most intimate relationship would never be revealed.

  Let him know this secret alone!

  Every time you practice, your spiritual consciousness will pass through the Niwan Palace along with the exercises, bathed in the green brilliance, and you will feel a hint of coolness.

  This coolness is like a clear spring in the desert, refreshing and sweet.

  It seems that even the mental energy consumed by cultivation has been reduced a lot.

  As the consciousness passed through the green light spot, Liu Yu found that there was an inexplicable connection between himself and the green light spot.

  This connection is vague and fragile, and if you don’t experience it carefully, you can’t really notice it.

  With the connection, Liu Yuruo realized something.

  From time to time, wrap the green light spot with divine sense to strengthen this inexplicable connection, in order to solve its mystery as soon as possible.

  He started to practice at the age of twelve, and after six years of unremitting efforts, the connection has become more and more inexplicable.

  In the dark, he has a strong premonition that some changes will take place today!
  This premonition has no basis and reason, and it is plausible compared with the rumored “sixth sense”.

  ”What is the green light spot?”

  ”Did it cause his transmigration?”

  Liu Yu opened his eyes, looking forward to it!


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